The Forty Ounce, Episode 20: The Early Years/For The Ladies

A quick glance around the contents of this website should demonstrate that I have a deep fondness for pop culture in all of its forms. What you might not know is that this fondness has existed since I was quite young, although it didn’t truly begin to blossom until I was in high school. What you also might not know is that I was crazy in high school.

A new episode of The Forty Ounce is now available for your listening pleasure. In the 17 months since this podcast began, Daniel and I have ventured far away from the original format, and this is our furthest excursion yet. The real theme is “stories about how weird we were as teenagers,” but there’s a secondary theme about two kids who loved music and movies but didn’t quite know how to process them in a healthy manner.

Actually, my first story isn’t even about me; I was part of the events that transpired, but a close friend of mine (who has okayed me sharing this story) was the instigator. I make up for it with a late-in-the-game anecdote concerning my sometimes co-author and podcasting rival, Kate. Sorry again, Kate.

These stories only scratch the surface of me and Daniel’s barely-restrained madness, but they still paint a decent picture… even after I cut out the story about how I used to bring a video camera to parties and film everything. Because, seriously, I used to do that.


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